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I'm Kiki Schirr, and this is my personal website.

I am a...


I am a millennial entrepreneur type with a serious thing for marketing. I want to get the word out, loud and fast.


I am also a writer, though I tend to write about startups and the craziness of the tech world in general. You might have seen my tech doodles. Or my posts on Medium. Or when I write for Or when I guest-post on Mark Schaefer's blog.

What I care about

Feminism, but equality in general. (Yes, I do think there are times when men have it worse, but no I don't think they're terribly often.)

Animals and the Environment. While not an all-out vegan, I try to avoid consuming animal products. That means no bacon, marshmallows, or leather shoes. Sacrifices indeed.

My family and friends. Who doesn't?

Ethics in marketing. The truth is, it's an easy medium to go dark, or a little grey. To stay truly fair takes effort.

Motivation. I used to have a lot of trouble getting myself to do things and thought that motivation was something you were born with, not that you could grow and develop. Now that I know it is something you can build up, like a muscle, I'm getting lots more done.

What makes me unique?

I once sang for the King of Thailand.

I tried out (boy) Scouting, for a hot minute.

I have ridden a camel, an elephant, a horse, and a donkey (maybe a mule?) but hated every minute.

I cannot ride a bike.

I enjoy meeting people and listening to new stories--chances are, if you're even a little friendly toward me, you've made a new friend!

Kiki Schirr--that's me!

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  3. Twitter, via DM
  4. Smoke signal
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